Learn how the right data will save lives in an emergency.

Don’t let an emergency turn into a disaster

Easy access to vital information saves lives. Sharing layouts of premises, risk analysis of any hazards and evacuation plans becomes easy with the RESCAPP application developed by Tractebel. Its interactive platform gives emergency services rapid access to 3D views, information on water levels and more.

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Gain fast access to relevant information so emergency services can save lives
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Leverage today’s smarter city to put emergency services one tap away from life-saving information

What does RESCAPP offer?

What does RESCAPP offer?

Easy-to-search Digital Intervention Plans, details on where the fire started, and accurate layouts of where hazardous materials and people are to be found.
Fast connection with people on site as well as dedicated GPS. Views of neighbouring streets help teams arrive close to emergency accesses and avoid areas blocked by parked vehicles.
Connects with and locates first responders. Allows communication between intervention teams on the way and advance posts or headquarters.
An effective channel for communicating and managing Digital Intervention Plans. Faster and cheaper evacuation exercises. 3D visualisation of premises and where people are located.