About Truthmeter

With Truthmeter.mk (www.truthmeter.mk), the Metamorphosis Foundation is offering one more tool for increasing the political parties’ responsibility and accountability to the citizens.

Truthmeter.mk’s experts of various scopes are analyzing the promises of the political subjects and presenting them in an easy-to-read and an aggregated form, alongside with systematic statistic data. Every identified promise is assessed by the level of fulfilment: fulfilled, partially fulfilled or unfulfilled. The promises which are implausible or the ones given in a way that cannot be assessed, are designated inconsistent.

By familiarizing themselves with the promises and the arguments in the explanations, the citizens can learn how to read and interpret the electoral programs and platforms, and they could also monitor and assess how much of the written content in the Election Programmes and the promises are actually fulfilled.

At the moment, Truthmeter.mk contains promises given by the winning parties in the general elections of 2008 and 2011, which of course had actual opportunity to fulfil those promises. Truthmeter is going to continue with its long term work and will monitor the fulfilment of the winners’ pre-election promises, as well as the politicians’ statements that can be classified as promises.

Truththmeter.mk’s main objective is to increase the cognizance of the citizens, media and NGOs, but also the cognizance of the parties and their members, who have the opportunity to become familiar with the multiple aspects of the political process in Macedonia.

With Truthmeter, as well as with the previous web app Glasomer.mk (www.glasomer.mk), the Metamorphosis Foundation is continuing its regional cooperation with the civil associations Zashto ne from Bosnia and Herzegovina and LiNet from Serbia regarding the implementation of new technologies for greater transparency. This cooperation is supported by the US non-profit foundation NED (National Endowment for Democracy – www.ned.org) financed by the United States Congress, and this cooperation is a part of the efforts for development of the democracy in the region.