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for their 18th birthday
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Make Europe yours.
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Want to see Paris? Ever been to Rome? Drawn to the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea?
When I was a young student, I just couldn’t wait to visit all the places in Europe I had read so much about but never seen. On my travels, I came across people who were not so different than myself, but I also learned to appreciate the little quirks that made them British, Italian, Polish... I learned to say “I love you” in seven languages and I felt my mind broaden in ways I could not have imagined. I felt European.
Now I want every 18-year-old European to have a chance to experience this too.
But I need your help if I’m going to persuade the EU to offer every European an Interrail ticket when they turn 18.
Share your experience with me and let’s make Europe yours.
Manfred Weber
(EPP Group Chairman)
Help us make Europe yours
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