Give all Europeans a free Interrail ticket
for their 18th birthday
Jump on board!
See new sights
Find yourself
somewhere new
Learn new things
Make it around Europe.
Make it your Europe.
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Many young Europeans have not yet had the chance to get to know other countries and the people who live there. More than ever, young people need to broaden their horizons. Meeting people from other backgrounds helps overcome stereotypes and prejudices and creates connections. Traveling the continent will help young people understand what Europe can mean to them and the opportunities it offers. We are persuading the EU to help by offering them the journey of a lifetime when they turn 18.
We want as many youngsters as possible to make it around Europe, discover new beauty, enjoy exciting new places, learn new languages and find new friends. We want them to make Europe theirs.
Manfred Weber
(EPP Group Chairman)
We need your help to make Europe yours
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